Enrolments 2021-2022

Enrolment policy

Enrolments at  the European Schools in Brussels are governed by the 2021-2022 Enrolment Policy.

Application form

How to submit your enrolment form

In the current health context, the enrolment service remains closed to the public. The application forms are available on the intranets of the different European institutions or upon request to each enrolment secretariat.

Consequently, the enrolment or transfer application, accompanied by all required documents must be sent either:

  • By email at IXL-enrolments@eursc.eu (all documents should be scanned into a single (1) PDF file)
  • By post – in this case, please save a copy and proof of date it was sent
  • Left in an envelope with the guards at the entrance of the school
  • Please choose only one method of delivery.

Please contact the enrolment secretariat directly for more details on how to submit an application (ixl-enrolments@eursc.eu).

Enrolment Calendar

1st enrolment phase: from 11 January to 29 January 2021​​
2nd enrolment phase: from 17 May to ​11 June 2021
from 5 July to​ 16 July 2021 #
from 16 August to​ 20 August 2021 #
  • For category I pupils and category II* pupils (children of the staff of Eurocontrol) whose parent is in post on 31 December 2020: submission of the application during the FIRST PHASE is mandatory (Article 2.8. of the 2021-2022 Enrolment Policy  ) UNLESS the child is being educated outside Belgium or in a case of force majeure (Article 2.11. of the 2021-2022 Enrolment Policy ) or if the applicant’s post terminates before the beginning of the school year (Article 2.10. of the 2021-2022 Enrolment Policy )
  • For category I pupils and category II* pupils (children of the staff of Eurocontrol) whose parent is taking up his/her post in Brussels as from 1 January 2021: submission of the application during the FIRST or SECOND PHASE (A​​rticle 2.9. of the 2021-2022 Enrolment Policy)
  • For category II pupils​, children of the civilian staff of NATO (international civilian staff) and of UN employees (international civil servants) and category III pupils: submission of the application during the SECOND PHASE is mandatory (A​rticle 2.12. of the 2021-2022 Enrolment Policy
#The enrolments secretariats of the schools/sites will be closed from 19 July to 15 August 2021.​

Contact of the Enrolments Secretariat:

Dates and enrolment procedures

Please note:

  • Children who attended the school during the school year 2020/2021 will be automatically enrolled for the school year 2021/2022.
  • Children in the final year of the nursery and who meet the age requirements will be automatically put on the admission lists for the first year of the primary school.

Language sections at the European School of Brussels III 

  • CS (Czech), DE (German), EL (Greek), EN (English), ES (Spanish), FR (French), NL (Dutch)
  • Slovak (SK) SWALS (Students Without a language section): only for the secondary cycle.