Enrolments 2022-2023

Enrolment policy

Enrolments at  the European Schools in Brussels are governed by the  2022-2023 Enrolment Policy.

How to submit your enrolment application

All applications for enrolment accompanied by all the required documents must now be submitted online, via the Enrolment Portal and within the required deadlines.

Please contact the school’s enrolment secretariat (ixl-enrolments@eursc.eu) for more details.


Contact of the Enrolments Secretariat:

Dates and enrolment procedures

Please note:

  • Children who attended the school during the school year 2021/2022 will be automatically enrolled for the school year 2022/2023
  • Children in the final year of the nursery and who meet the age requirements will be automatically put on the admission lists for the first year of the primary school.

Language sections at the European School of Brussels III 

  • CS (Czech), DE (German), EL (Greek), EN (English), ES (Spanish), FR (French), NL (Dutch)
  • Slovak (SK) SWALS (Students Without a language section): only for the secondary cycle.