General information


Coordinators : 
Catherine Hodara-Micolier (salle C213) et Theodosia Antoniadou                                                                                                                           E-mail : IXL-WORK-EXPERIENCE@eursc.eu


Presentation of the WEX program

B3-WEX Presentation 2022 EN





  • January 2022:             New cycle WEX 2022

  • January-April 2022:   Search for a work placement

  • February holidays / Easter holidays / May holidays / 20.06-31.08.2022  —->   WEX work placement (one/two weeks)

  • End of September:     Submission of internship reports an evaluation grids on Teams “WEX 2022”

  • November 2022:         Presentation of WEX certificates

Writing a CV and a cover letter



Some examples of work-experience placements

  • CERN
  • Embassies, Permanent Representations of MS to EU (ex. support to Presidencies of the Council)
  • European Council, European Commission, European Parliament
  • European External Action Service (EEAS)
  • EU Agencies (ex. ENISA, EMSA, FRONTEX, EDA….)
  • NGO based in all continents
  • Lawyers’ offices, architects’ studios
  • Animal clinics
  • Natural Science Institutes, laboratories
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Old people homes, nurseries
  • Hotels, museums, tourist-offices
  • Airlines
  • Newspapers, TV-Radio stations, broadcasting
  • International/Multinational Organisations such as UN, ESA, NATO, Eurocontrol etc.
  • Banks, insurance agencies, administrations
  • Pharmaceutical companies