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Coordinator : Mrs Marianna Ypofanti (C307) – maria.ypofanti@teacher.eursc.eu 

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WEX- Presentation



  • 09 December 2019: Launch of the cycle 2019-2020
  • NEW!!! 24 April  2020 : Deadline for the submission of the contracts
  • 25 June 2020 – 31 August 2020: Conclusion of the WEX placement*
  • September 2020: Collection of the WEX reports and WEX Evaluation Grids
  • December 2020: Delivery of work experience certificates.

To write your CV, you can:

  • adapt this CV example
  • use the European template that can be downloaded here
  • create your own CV with the help of Dayjob


Some examples of work-experience placements

  • Embassies, Permanent Representations of MS to EU (ex. support to Presidencies of the Council)
  • European Council, European Commission, European Parliament
  • European External Action Service (EEAS)
  • EU Agencies (ex. ENISA, EMSA, FRONTEX, EDA….)
  • NGO based in all continents
  • Lawyers’ offices, architects’ studios
  • Animal clinics
  • Natural Science Institutes, laboratories
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Old people homes, nurseries
  • Hotels, museums, tourist-offices
  • Airlines
  • Newspapers, TV-Radio stations, broadcasting
  • International/Multinational Organisations such as UN, ESA, NATO, Eurocontrol etc.
  • Banks, insurance agencies, administrations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Car-constructing cie, factories,…


Pupils’ feedback

Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique

The organisation of work in a team and as an individual was a hard lesson to learn, but it was very effective. I even participated in an all-night survey of one kilometre of forest, which was a unique experience.

Chalude, Vandecapelle & Associates

I was not expecting to learn very much in these two weeks, except how to make coffee and make photocopies. I was wrong.

De Smet & Whaley Architects

I think it was a very useful and fruitful experience. It is funny how now I look at buildings, whether simple or complicated ones, from an architectural point of view.

Institut Jules Bordet

Ce stage compte beaucoup pour moi. Je ne m’attendais pas à vivre une expérience aussi enrichissante et de me retrouver au bloc  opératoire, face à la réalité.

Cabinet vétérinaire à Dworp

Mes attentes ont été dépassées parce que j’ai pu assister à des opérations auxquelles je ne m’attendais pas.

Bosch Rexroth

J’étais un peu déçue par les tâches monotones, mais en parlant avec d’autres stagiaires, j’ai découvert que c’est absolument normal.

Council of the European Union

The knowledge , experience and know-how learned and gained during these two weeks are most certainly not something readily available in textbooks. The traineeship was definitely not a waste of my vacation period, however greatly I might prize the latter.

Studio legale Vantaggiato – Lecce – italy

Choose a job that interests you, even if it may not be your future ambition.You have to take into consideretion that 2 weeks can be a long time if you do not do something which you like.