School trips

School trips at EEB3

School trips are mandatory in S3 and in S6.


S3 School trips

The school trips have a clear relationship with the educational objectives and/or the teaching programme. They are organised with the view of practising Language 2 and L3. The teachers have organised several 4 days trips to an L2/L3 speaking country. The student can choose between his or her L2 or L3 destinations.


S6 School trips

School trips are an essential aspect of training and multicultural education taught in European Schools. The proposed pedagogical framework makes students acquire new knowledge and a better understanding about foreign cultures as well as their own one. Through this experience, students develop interpersonal skills including trust and respect. The quality of the relations is enhanced simultaneously and develops their sense of European solidarity.

School trips are organised according to provide students educational situations outside of school and taking into account the diverse interests of them.  The students can choose from different destinations.


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