School trips – FAQ

The school trips are compulsory even if your child has to repeat the year. We understand that the school trips can be on the costly side and that you might wish to avoid a second expensive trip. In year 6 you can enrol your child in the” local trip”.

From a pedagogical perspective, it is highly advisable that your child takes part of the trip. Frequently, students who are repeating the year find it difficult to integrate into the lower class. The school trips give students a break from the classroom situation and make socializing possible in a different setting, where it often works better.

As mentioned in the school rules and regulations, the school trips are compulsory and they have a clear relationship with the educational objectives and the teaching programme, especially in year 3.

If for one reason or another you do not want your child to participate, please contact  Mrs Nielsen as soon as possible to avoid booking costs. She will inform the Deputy Director who will invite you to come to school and talk about possible solutions.

No. Every teacher has an official paper from the school, signed by the Director that allows your child to go abroad with the accompanying teachers.  This form replaces the older forms which needed a stamp from the city-hall.

All students have to submit their forms and the parents have to make first payment according to the schedule. If you haven’t submitted your form in time, a destination is chosen for you (in S6 you automatically go on the local trip).

Each trip has a maximum and minimum number of participants. A healthy ratio of boys and girls is  taken into consideration, and also the students from different sections are well combined.

If you are not pleased with the destination, then you can contact Mrs Nielsen  as soon as possible or in C314.

Once the final lists of students are displayed and sent to the parents, tickets are being booked, reservations are being made and unfortunately you no longer have the option of changing your destination.

In case of difficulty in meeting the costs of the school trip, it is possible to approach the school for financial assistance.  Please contact the Secretariat of the school to explain your situation. You will be ask for proof of income and the accountant will decide whether you can get a total or partial refund from the school.

If you want to pay for the school trips in instalments spread throughout the year, please contact Mrs Nielsen.   It  is always possible to create a financial plan.

The school doesn’t have cancellation insurance. Experience has told us that it is less expensive to pay back the small amount of students who drop out than to pay for cancellation insurance for everyone. So if your child drops out at the last moment, the school will pay you back the total amount minus the costs that have already been made. The reimbursement is done after the school trips. If a whole trip is cancelled we cannot reimburse the parents, therefore we strongly recommend that the parents arrange full travel and cancellation insurance.

A copy of the student’s personal insurance policy must be given to the teacher in charge of the trip before they are allowed to go.

Parents who work at the commission need a Certificate of medical insurance RCAM:  PMO-RCAM-BRUATTESTATION@ec.europa.eu.  

Parents who are insured by the Belgian system need a copy of the form E111.

To organise a school trip, you need a good destination and accompanying teachers. So if you have a nice idea you can always send a mail to  Mrs Nielsen.

Of course you can always contact to Mrs Nielsen if you have a question , or a problem regarding the school trips.

If you are dissatisfied about the organisation of our school trips, please contact your class representative.