Every year, our project has themes or mottos:

  • 2018: Mustached Super Heros
  • 2019: Mustached Animals
  • 2020: Mustached Aliens
  • 2021: Mustached Intelligence
  • 2022: Mustached Peace
  • 2023: Mustached Retro

For 2023, we are looking for students and basically anyone who is interested and artistically talented to propose designs for our hoodies/shirts, under the motto: “Mustached Retro,” however you interpret this slogan creatively. The designs will be reviewed and decided upon by a jury of interested teachers. Last year, Anna Schubert, on of our students, delivered the idea of a mustached peace dove – Mr. Draisma, our head designer turned this idea into a printable motif, and now we are all wearing it.

The Festival of Art and Music (FAMES) in Luxembourg last week inspired me to try to extend our project to other schools. I had attempted this before, but nothing ever came from it. So, some EEs have already indicated their interest in contributing and judging in our design competition. This could be one more way we could follow the 2023 motto of this amazing festival “Building Bridges” and build creative artistic bridges between the schools and their communities. With the help of our APE and potentially several other schools who could join our team, we might just do it again: be No. 1 in Belgium!

No deadlines have been set yet, but it would be beneficial to have the designs as soon as possible, to advertise everything already before “school’s out for the summer“ 😉

With more support and awareness, we can clearly keep extending the reach of our project and evolve.

Thank you very much.