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Options for 2024/2025

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Which option changes are allowed?

The deadline for changing or dropping options must be submitted officially no later than July 12th, and these modifications are subject to final agreement by Senior management.

In S4 Students enrolled in a 6-periods mathematics course may apply to take the 4-periods mathematics course.
This change is possible at the end of the first semester or second semester at the written request of the parents, which is examined by the class council.
In S5 Students may drop an option at the beginning of S5 if having a minimum of 4 optional periods and at least 31 weekly periods. In any case, it is not possible to start a new option.

In S6/S7

In S7, students may drop an option or a complementary course if the minimum number is retained: 31 periods (of which at least 29 periods are compulsory and optional).
Students enrolled in a 5-periods Mathematics course may apply to take the 3-periods mathematics course and vice versa.
Students taking an optional course of 4 periods can request to follow the course of 2 periods (same subject) and vice versa. The transition to a more advanced course – Mathematics 5 periods, option to 4 periods – is subject to the completion of a test proving the ability to meet the requirements of the advanced course.
These level changes must be approved by the Director of the School upon the recommendation of the class council.