After-school childcare (OIB)

After-school childcare (OIB)

The European Commission organizes paid after-school childcare for the children of statutory staff of the institutions of the European Union (from 4 to 12 years old). The after-school childcare has a social mission which is to meet the needs of working parents and an educational mission which is to offer children a quality welcome centered on their well-being and their socialization. For more information, here is the after-school childcare page on


The children are welcomed at the end of the school day by the educational team on the school site or in a central after-school childcare site. The APEEE is responsible for transporting the children to the central sites.

The after-school childcare policy is a tool that aims to meet the basic needs of children in partnership with families (link here). The educational team plays an important role by supporting the child in his development through different activities that target specific skills. The snack is often a moment where each child can talk about whatever is on their mind. There is also a “Study” activity where children can go to do their homework.


  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: from the end of classes to 6:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday: from the end of classes to 6:45 p.m.
  • Friday: from the end of classes to 6:00 p.m.


School holidays

During the holidays provided for in the school calendar, childcare is organized at the various central sites and, if possible, at the schools. The after-school centre operates in “school holiday childcare” mode: children are cared for in the morning from their arrival at the childcare centre until closing time. Prior registration is mandatory within the time limits provided via the Kiddyweb application.

NB: No childcare on official European Commission holidays


Outdoor childcare takes place during the spring (Easter period) and summer (July and August) holidays mainly at the Overijse site and if necessary at a central site. Prior registration is required via the Kiddyweb application.

NB: No childcare on official European Commission holidays)



Parents can also contact the AdP (Association des parents – Crèches et Garderies), which represents parents interested in after-school and/or holiday childcare centers of the European Commission, at the email address: EU-ADP-CRECHES-GARDERIES@ec.europa.eu



Following the decision by the Board of Governors of the European Schools, and the communication from the 4 European Schools in Brussels on the procedure to follow for the temporary and extraordinary admission of displaced Ukrainian pupils to the European Schools in Brussels, please find below the procedure to follow should Ukrainian children enrolled at the European School also need to temporarily attend the European Commissions after-school centre.  

Eligible children: 

  1. children of local staff repatriated from the EU Delegation to Ukraine;
  2. displaced Ukrainian children hosted by EU officials or other servants of the EU institutions;
  3. displaced Ukrainian children hosted by staff members of the European Schools.

Medical requirements 

  • All children attending the childcare services of the European Commission must fulfil certain medical requirements and need to have their vaccination scheme in order.  It is recommended that parents already book a medical consultation with ONE/Kind en Gezin to complete/update the vaccination scheme ahead of time.


  • The enrolment requests of Ukrainian children for the after-school centre must be sent by e-mail to: OIB-INSCRIPTIONS-GARDERIES-POSTSCOLAIRES@ec.europa.eu  and to  OIB-INSCRIPTIONS-GARDERIES-AEREES@ec.europa.eu for the outdoor summer childcare organized during July and August with “UKRAINE” in the subject field.
  • Ukrainian children can be welcomed to the after-school centres as of 25 April 2022 until 31 August 2022.
  • This temporary admission to the European Commission childcare services will be free of charge and subject to the availability of places.