Library – Secondary cycle

The secondary cycle library

The library of the secondary cycle of the European School of Brussels III offers a large collection (18.000 printed documents) of fiction and non-fiction books , theatrical plays, poetry, comics books and magazines in eight languages (Czech, Dutch, Greek, French, Spanish, English, German, Slovak). “Easy reading” books, especially addressed to the pupils learning a foreign language, are available for some sections.

Books can be borrowed or just consulted on site.

The library is also a studying and working place. In this respect, 7 computers are available for the pupils to do their homework or researches.





Go to the Library’s SharePoint to catch the latest news, access online resources and check past exams papers.


  • Books can be borrowed in general for two weeks, comics books and magazines for one week, with possible extension of time.
  • A machine for automatic borrowing is available to pupils, allowing them to manage their borrowings and returns, without having to go through the librarian.
  • Save in exceptional cases, reservation of books is not allowed.

Lost or damaged books

Lost or damaged books has to be replaced either by an identical book, either by another book of the same value.

Opening hours

  • Every school day from 8.30 to 16.15.
  • Wednesday from 8.30 to 12.50. 


The library catalogue is available online: https://library-resource-centres.eeb3.eu/


Florence Bonnet, the librarian, is available for further information needed.