SMS & Microsoft Teams

Regular communication – Secondary school

The first person to deal with a particular problem is always the teacher directly concerned, followed by the class teacher and the pedagogical adviser. If the problem persists, it is necessary to contact the Assistant to the deputy director who will solve the problem at his or her level or who will decide to refer the case to the Management.


Use of SMS

Information for parents – For ALL year groups

At the beginning of the school year, in the first weeks of September, the teachers inform the parents via SMS:

  • Who he/she is, reception hours, how to contact him/her
  • The main topics of the year
  • School books required
  • Mandatory events of the year
  • Course descriptions’ (Short description of the course content)
  • Assessment criteria

During the school year – For all levels

Attendance – the recording of absences, justified and non-justified, lateness

For S1-S2-S3

  • – The main works and their deadlines
  • – The notes of the main works
  • – Dates of all tests, exams, important assignments

For S4-S5-S6-S7

  • – The main works and their deadlines
  • Dates of all tests, exams, important assignments
  • – B-test scores, examination scores


Using Microsoft Teams

If the school has to move online at any time, Microsoft office Teams will be used for teaching and also for any online meetings between the school and parents.

  • Parents can log in via their child’s account.
  • During the first weeks of September, teachers will update their class teams to ensure a smooth online transition, if and when the situation arises.