Educational exchange program

Dear parents, dear students,

The Mobility programme will resume for the school year 2023-2024. S4 pupils should apply from now on for the Mobility programme taking place between September and December 2023. Please note that the list of participating schools is subject to some changes. The deadline for applications is 14 December 2022.


Students Mobility Program

The European Schools (Type I or accredited) have created a mobility program for the pupils in the European Schools for the first semester of the school year (from September to December). This might be of interest to pupils of S4 and S5, who are interested either in a reciprocal exchange (departure of a child and hosting of a pupil), or solely in visiting a host family. This programme is only open to students of S4 and S5.

European schools – both official and accredited – offer the possibility of hosting other students as well as supporting their students to visit other schools. Both can take place as real exchanges (visit and return visit) or as one-way visits.

The Mobility program takes place regularly within the 1st semester of S5.

The exchange must take place within the framework of a pedagogical project. The goal is both linguistic (to improve the LII, LIII or LIV), and cultural. Adapting to a different educational and cultural context and to the hosting family requires a certain level of maturity.

Pupils can choose two schools, according to their linguistic, personal and cultural objectives.

Pupils generally integrate in the linguistic section of their mother tongue, but can ask a temporary change of section, according to their abilities and wishes. It is important to note that the classes that the pupil attends cannot differ from those of his original school. Grades and evaluation reports will be transmitted to the original school at the end of the exchange period.

The parents associations of both schools coordinate the research of host families.


Application procedure

Parents have to send the following documents to management :

Each application will be examined by school management, on the basis of these elements, of the school files and of availability of places in the chosen school.

The final decision will be communicated to the parents in due course.

The host family

The host family is responsible for the pupil participating in the exchange. Generally, it is a family with children of the same age, who also wish to participate in the programme.

The family must speak preferably the L2, L3 and L4 of the pupil, in order for him to be able to practice his language skills within a familiar context. The host family commits to take responsibility for the pupil, as to allow him/her to have a residence period as much pleasant as it can be. The host family will ensure the liaison between the school and deal with the traditional responsibilities such as homework, illness, absences, etc….



According to the General Rules :

  • Schools do not cover any or eventual administrative or financial burden.
  • For pupils of the 2 and 3rd category, the fees will be paid at the school of origin.
  • The trip’s costs are covered by the families.

In principle, and in line with the principles of the mobility program, the child is welcomed by the host family. However, the families can agree between them on a possible compensation, which should not exceed 15 € per day.

The insurance of the host school normally covers the pupils. However, because coverage varies somewhat from school to school, parents are advised to check their insurance coverage (liability, accident, travel, etc.) before the exchange.

To receive more information :  Mehdi Karmoun