School trips

In the nursery and primary school, school trips and excursions are closely linked to the educational objectives and to the program. Therefore, they are obligatory.

  • In P1- P2 school trips and excursions are only organised during the school day.
  • In P3, P4 and P5  excursions during the school day are organised, as well as school trips for several days.


P3 : Nature classes – trip to Massembre

In the third year of primary, all P3 classes go together on a five day school trip to Massembre.

Massembre is a  centre just outside the village of Heer, close to the French border.

During the day enjoyable educational activities are organised for the children within and outside the centre, such as creating weather stations, fossil hunting orlooking for animal traces.

There is also time for games, playtime and, on the very last evening of the stay, the children attend a party organised by the animators.


P4: Sports classes – trip to De Haan 

In June, all 4th year of primary classes take a  school trip to Le Chat Botté’ at De Haan for their sports classes.

They spend 5 days enjoying different kinds of (water) sports activities with the help of their teachers and a special animation-team.


The program is linked to our Discovery of the World program and focuses on the subjects of ecosystems, environmental awareness and sustainability.

For that purpose the children visit ‘Het Swin’, a unique coastal nature-reserve between Belgium and The Netherlands.


P5: Language II trips

 In the fifth year of primary, the school organises  ‘second language trips’. Each pupil takes part in the trip corresponding to his/her LII language. The trips form part of the pedagogical projects in our school. The second language trips’ objectives are:

  • to develop the child’s autonomy and social relationships within the group and outside of standard learning situations and through the 2nd language;
  • to be open to the unknown and ready to accept different ways of life;
  • to be ready to discover an environment, area, country, culture through a 2nd language in all the circumstances of everyday life;
  • to reinforce the European spirit of the group and learning directly linked with the programs of Second language, Discovery of the World, European Hours and Ethics.

Please find below a short introduction to each of the trips.


L2 English trip

The end of primary school L2 trip  gives the students their first real opportunityto use the language learnt during five days of English immersion. 

Students extend classwork: listening; speaking; reading and writing in English.

The aim is to develop more understanding, confidence/fluency and motivation.

The trip is closely linked to the work covered in Discovery of the world, European Hours and ethics/religion.



L2 German trip to Traben-Trarbach, Germany

Source: http://www.trier-info.deThe LII German’s trip destination is Traben-Trarbach, a small town situated in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

During the five day trip, the pupils are offered  a broad range of activities, such as a history-rally through Traben-Trarbach, a walking-tour through the vineyards and passage back on the Mosel,

a city-walk through  Germany’s oldest city Trier, or float-building and a paper chase in the woods.


L2 French trip to Vielsalm, Belgium

The pupils of LII French are having their LII trip in the “Domaine de Farnières” in Vielsam, Belgium.

The castle of Farnières dominates a site of 43 hectares of parks, woods and meadows. During their stay children discover the nature reserve ‘Hautes Fagnes’, learn about its animal and plants and participate in the activities proposed by the centre.