Questions & answers

My rights and duties

I have the right to feel good in my school 

  • so I want to be polite
    a. I say hello / goodbye.
    b. I say please / thank you.
    c. I do not use rude words.


  • so I want to keep the school clean
    a. I leave the toilets clean and I know that toilet paper is not a toy.
    b. In my classroom, I throw rubbish into the bin and I keep my place clean.
    c. In the canteen, I stay sat down, I eat nicely with good table manners and I put my chair under the table before leaving.


  • so I want to behave responsibly
    a. I speak when it is my turn or I put up my hand.
    b. I walk in the corridors.
    c. I talk quietly with my friends, without shouting.
    d. At the end of lessons I go straight out to play by the nearest staircase.
    e. At playtime, I play to have fun and I don’t hit others. If something bad happens, I tell the teacher. I speak calmly and I tell the truth.
    f. If another child annoys me, I say “Stop” and make a stop sign with my hand.
    g. If I have to wait for my teacher, I sit in front of the door.


If I do not follow the school rules 

  1. My teacher will discuss the problem with the class and with me individually. 

2.    If I continue:

  • A message to my parents will be written in my agenda and in the behavior book, to encourage me to improve my behavior.
  • With help from my teacher, I will try to put right my mistake.
  • I will be sent to the director and I know I may be punished.
  • My parents will be called to see the director.