Health, well-being and safety

Living well at school

School is also a daily living space where we enter into relationship with others. A respectful and pleasant environment is a fundamental condition for the well-being of students.

The school aims to maintain respect, friendliness and collaboration among members of the school community.

In this context, the school’s advisory committee has established a communication policy that provides a series of specific preventive measures, which are included in the Internal Rules, the information for nursery and primary school pupils (Life at School – Questions and answers) and secondary school pupils (Life at school – Questions and answers, Code of conduct), as well as intervention procedures (Policies and Rules).


Health and security

Particular attention is paid to the topics of bullying and of the risk of misuse of ICT, as well of psycho social risks.

As regards the infrastructures, in order to ensure a healthy, comfortable and safe environment, various measures are set up daily to obtain an optimal management of the cleanliness of the premises, the traffic in and out of the school enclosure, the security (school guards).

With regard to the physical well-being of the students, the school’s infirmary team organizes medical check-ups and administers first aid in case of small accidents. Finally, the psychology department and the section advisers offer individual interviews to any student wishing to have a private and confidential counseling session .