Pupils’ Committee (PC)

What is the Pupils’ Committee?

In accordance with the Convention of 1994 defining the Statute of the European Schools and the General Rules of the European Schools, the Pupils’ Committee (PC) represents the best interests of all the pupils of its school. It is a non-profit organisation, democratically elected, independent, and recognised by the school community and the different official bodies of the European Schools.


The 2023/2024 Pupils Committee














  • Miranda Forbes President
  • Dimitris Tsitsopoulos – Vice-president
  • Sofia Siroka -Chief advisor
  • Louise Boden – Secretary and PR head
  • Claudia Puente – PR head
  • Oliver Todd – CoSup representative
  • Maria Ezquerra – CoSup representative
  • Ness Debaisieux – Event head and wellbeing rep
  • Valentina Skackova- Event head
  • Georgia Konstantakopoulou – Treasurer and green rep
  • Adrian Bernabeu – IT head and vice-treasurer
  • Ani Adjemian – Vice-IT head
  • Marlene Wehrheim – Wellbeing rep
  • Leonie Goodchild – Wellbeing rep and green rep
  • Lily Vandenbalck – Member of PR team and event team



Work in progress ….


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What is the  COSUP?
CoSup stands for Conseil Supérieur des Élèves and is the official representative body of the secondary pupils in the European School system. CoSup represents the common aims, policies and visions of the pupils. These common interests are mainly concerned with the decisions taken by the Board of Governors, which affect the school life.