Seven students of our school participated with their teams in the Belgian Handball Finals (Categories U14 and U16).







HC Kraainem Players 2nd Place U16
KOLKAS Dimosthenis (IXL-S5ELB)




United Brussels HC Players 2nd Place U16





One of the philanthropic actions that the Association des Dames Hellènes has undertaken during the current school year is the ‘I Volunteer’ program, which distributes food to homeless people in need.
It is a wider volunteering program run by the European School of Brussels III in collaboration with various charitable organizations, one of which is the Association des Dames Hellenes.











For the implementation of this program, every Sunday small groups of school students come to the headquarters of the Association des Dames Hellènes, who prepare and pack food for about 20 people with the help and supervision of members of the Brotherhood. Then we go to areas like Porte de Namur and Midi where the students distribute these meals to homeless people who need them. Such an action fulfills a double goal: on the one hand, offering help to people who are in immediate need of it, and on the other, the practical cultivation of feelings of solidarity and charity in the younger generations.

The Association des Dames Hellènes would like to thank the responsible management team from the European School Brussels III for giving them the opportunity to participate in this action. In particular, Mr. Peter Garry, the school’s director of secondary education, as well Ms. Petra Habersack, a teacher religion and Mr. Kaisidis, the school’s pedagogical advisor.

The group of pupils was accompanied by Konstantia Metaxaki President of the Association des Dames Hellenes and secondary teacher of EEB3.



Projet BEIT

As you know S4-ART-B students took part in the BEIT Project, which ran from 11 March to 09 April 2024. This project, proposed by the ASBL Beit gathers pupils from different schools to work together on the theme of memory. In groups, they collected and worked on traces of the past and social issues. They were able to interview passers-by and make a film based on the theme developed together.

The Beit Project is an educational project on living together, launched in Paris in 2011 and now running in a dozen European and Mediterranean cities, and in Brussels for the last 12 years. In an urban heritage site, the Marolles in Brussels, young people aged 11 to 15 from different establishments (public and private, south/north neighbourhoods, specialised and general education) will meet and learn to work together. The idea behind the project is to transform the perception of diversity into a richness and build a common dialogue, but also to develop a reading of the city through the interpretation of traces of the past. By working in pairs, these young people will be able to see the Other, the different, not as an obstacle but as an asset.” The Beit 

The project was incredible and I feel the students were very happy to take part in this experience. 

The monday 27th May, students, parents, facilitators, teachers, directors and organisers came together to discover the Making off of the project, as well as the videos made by the students ! It was a true pleasure and we can be very proud of the student’s works !

Here the link to all the videos made by the students :

Here is also the link to the making of the project, which is available on youtube :

From the drive, you can either watch them online or download them to your computers.
(The videos are private and cannot be shared or posted online)




On Monday 13 May 2024, our school was invited to a sports event of the Delegation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union, receiving an invitation from the Head of the unit.
There we had the opportunity to play table tennis and have our picture taken with the European champions of the Borussia Düsseldorf club, namely the Paralympics champion Valentin Baus and the national youth player and world vice-champion Kay Stumper. We also learned how they train and what being a professional table tennis player entails!

Our school was represented by the students:

  •  PISIOTIS Damian  (IXL-S2ELB)
  •  PISIOTIS Kosmas  (IXL-S2ELB)
  • WOJCIK Maximilian (IXL-S3DEA)

Congratulations to our pupils !!!

The event was organised in the context of the meeting of EU sports ministers, 13/14 May, in Brussels.
The group of students was accompanied by the EEB3 physical education teacher Georgios Chantzis.