Library and Documentation Center- Nursery and primary cycles


Located in the C007 and C008 in the C Primary building (zero floor).
It proposes to students, teachers, and all the pedagogical community a rich collection of documents (of more than 17.000).  It includes Fiction and Non-fiction books, Novels, Plays, Poetry, Comic books and Reviews in 8 languages (Czech, Dutch, Greek, French, Spanish, English, German and Slovak).

Students are allowed to borrow books in the section of their L1 or L2 language (according to the group with which he/she comes to library).

In every language section, reading level is marked by following code :

  • yellow dot = easy reading, beginners, Language 2
  • red dot = more trained readers, non-beginners in Language 2
  • black dot = advanced readers in L1 or L2.

The reading level is determined by the teacher in collaboration with librarians (for the knowledge of the library collection).

Books are available for consultation or borrowing (exception made for some, special sticker are glued on the cover of them) for a 2 weeks period. This period can be extended for 2 more weeks (for a MAX of 1 month, so it gives full access for all to the entire collection).

The amount of books a student can borrow is easily determined:

  • 1 book = students in Nursery, P1 and P2 and in L2
  • 2 livres = students in L1 in P3, P4 and P5.

In total, you have :

  • in Nursery -> 1 book,
  • in P1 and P2 -> 2 books,
  • in P3, P4 and P5 -> 3 books.

Books must be returned – in good shape – at library within the return deadline. It is given to students and teachers every visit they make to the library with the class.  A borrowed books list is sent to teacher with each loan of his class. If the books are lost or damaged, they must be replaced by similar ones (after the agreement of the Librarian in charge concerning the choice of the replacement book).

In case the student forgets to bring back his/her books on the library day, students of P3, P4 and P5 can use the Reservation Service of the Library. The reserved book is kept for one day MAX (time for he/she to pick the due book at home and give it back the day after. The book switch is made at this occasion).

Animations, tales and kamishibaïs, and also readings out load are organized by librarians on demand of the teachers. It must be sent to the Librarian .

When new books arrive, all the readers are informed thanks to the new Powerpoint system (it introduces to all covers, teasers and the place where to find those new books inside the Library).  The promotion is also done by a Newsletter sent to teachers and by the Nursery and Primary Sharepoint.  Library has also its own Teams group called Serial Readers Society.  All proposition of books or animation can be sent to the Librarian .

Documentation Center

Located as the Nursery and Primary Library in C007 and C008 rooms (zero floor). This site gives access to all teaching community to a large collection of books (more than 2.500 books related to pedagogy but also multi exemplars books). Every language section has its own collection. It also contains class books (pedagogical ones).  

Teachers borrow those books for 2 weeks up to 1 school year. At the end of the school year (MAX June 30th), borrowed books must be return to the Documentation Center.  Every July, librarians are doing a big inventory so that the DECALOG system is always up to date in September.

If the books are lost or damaged, the teacher inform the Librarian (*). Information is sent to Nursery and Primary Deputy Direction as expected.

Buying new documents included in the Documentation Center collection is made on the budget of each class (pedagogical ones only). Books are encoded by Librarian only (once received by the teacher). Those books are borrowed to teachers for a duration of a school year once they are encoded at the Documentation Center.


Opening Schedule

Library and Documentation Center are open to public every days from 8.30 am till 4.00 pm (exception made from 12 am till 1pm during lunch time).

Since January 2021, Library gives you a date on the Nursery and Primary SharePoint see link  https://eursc.sharepoint.com/sites/BibliothqueMP-NPLibrary .  You will there find all the breaking news, access to online resources and consult animations planning.


School libraries catalog (Nursery and Primary, Secondary and Documentation Center all in one) is available online on the following link: https://library-resource-centres.eeb3.eu/

Teachers who want to be trained in consultation can ask to the Librarian.


Annick Tasiaux, Librarian , is at your disposal for any information related to Library or Documentation Center.                                                                         She will answer by mail or phone (annick.tasiaux@eursc.eu  or #740).

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Library!