Library – Nursery and primary cycles

The nursery and primary cycles library

The library of the nursery and primary cycles of the European School of Brussels III offers 15.000 printed documents in eight languages (Czech, Dutch, Greek, French, Spanish, English, German, Slovak).

An extended collection of magazines, fiction and documentaries is available for consulting and borrowing.


Visit frequency

All classes are welcomed to visit the library once every two weeks. The library opening hours are notified to the teaching staff and the nursery/primary secretariat at the beginning of each school year. The schedule is displayed  on the library’s door.

N.B. Pupils unaccompanied by teachers are not allowed to the library (save in exceptional circumstances and further to a written demand to the librarian).



Borrowing of books is free of charge.
Number of books that each pupil can borrow can vary:

  • In nursery school: 1 book per child.
  • In primary school, until P2 : 1 book in L1 and 1 book in L2.
  • In primary school, from P3 to P5 : 2 books in L1 and 1 book in L2.


Return of the books

Readers can return the books:

  • when coming to the library for the group (L1 or L2) visit;
  • dropping them directly into the green return box in front of the library’s door, even if the library is closed.



Bookings of a day are allowed by sending an email to annick.tasiaux@eursc.eu.

This system allows children that still need to return a book to reserve a publication for max. 1 day.

After this period, the book will be available for borrowing.


Late return/loss

Late return : the delayed return of a book automatically blocks other books borrowing. Each reader is considered as a unique physical entity, and is therefore completely responsible of all books he/she borrows.

Loss : any book lost or damaged has to be replaced. Two solutions are allowed:

  • To provide the same book;
  • To buy a book of equivalent value and of the same category.


Please note that the payment of the book is not allowed.

Teachers are responsible of reminding the children to return the books they have borrowed. An automatic reminder will be sent to the email address of the teacher with the summary of all books still to be returned to the library by their pupils.


Lunch hour library

The library is open during Monday and Tuesday lunch break for the Lunch hour library, which are individual visits with the assistance of volunteer parents.

A team of volunteering parents will be in charge of opening the library at 11.50 to 12.30. Children who are interested should wait in the internal courtyard (patio) before entering with the parent in charge; for this occasion each child receives a bookmark to hold.

  • From 11.50 to 12.10 : pupils of P3, P4, P5
  • From 12.10 to 13.30 : pupils of P1 and P2

During Lunch Hour library, borrowing is not allowed.


Events and activities

The library is open to classes wishing to participate to the storytelling hour, to specific events in connection to the educational program, specific books to be borrowed for classes.

Relaxation sessions (teachers/pupils) can be organized at the beginning of the visit to the library.

For more information, please contact the librarian.


Online Catalogue

This catalogue allows to search and find a book. Here you can also check out the new acquisitions of the nursery& primary/secondary libraries.To access the catalogue, follow this link: http://library-resource-centres.eeb3.eu/search.php



Mrs Annick Tasiaux, the librarian, is available for further information.