With regard to mathematics, pupils require a foundation of facts, patterns and processes built up through repetition, practice and recall. Creativity is encouraged and extended through play, investigation, discovery and constructional activities. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of logical thinking and problem solving. Mathematical situations offered by the environment, technology and culture help pupils to realise the usefulness of mathematics.

Our approach is to:

  • encourage a multi-sensory approach; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic;
  • plan for progression building upon the mathematical knowledge of the pupils;
  • differentiate teaching to cater for all abilities;
  • use and teach mathematical language;
  • emphasise mental calculation strategies;
  • use a wide range of resources including ICT;
  • demonstrate links between areas of mathematics;
  • develop discussion skills including active listening, positive response to the opinion of others, turntaking, confidence in putting forward an opinion, ability to explain clearly their point of view
  • encourage pupils to see misconceptions and errors as part of the learning process.


The mathematics syllabus covers the five years of primary school. The subject is taught:

  • 240 minutes per week in P1/P2,
  • and 315 minutes per week in P3/P4/P5.


For further information, please consult the mathematics syllabus.