The Springfest is EEB3’s annual whole-school spring festival that involves the entire school community.

This pedagogical project teaches students to take responsibility for the events and activities of the festival from conception to realization.

This requires creativity, budgeting, teamwork, organizational skills, coordination and practice.  The months of hard work culminate in a communal celebration which gives students a sense of accomplishment and belonging that is irreplaceable.

A sense of community is at the heart of this project.  The festival is put together with the help of teachers, administrators, school staff and the school’s parents’ association, the APEEE.

During Springfest we celebrate our collective talents and the positive and inclusive spirit of our school.

Starting in the fall term, students begin preparations for the numerous events that take place during Springfest:

  • the Act, which includes acting, singing, stunt, gymnastics and dance performances supported by teams who work the behind the scenes;
  • the Music Festival, at which student bands perform for their peers;
  • the Fashion Show, where designers and models show off their creative skills;
  • Games, Workshops and Haunted House offer an array of creative, scientific and fun activities;
  • Food and Drinks are offered by students to keep everyone happy and
  • the Sports Tournaments, football and basketball, allow student athletes to show off their agility and grace.

Recruitment for participants begins the first week of school.  Information is posted on the information boards at school.


Contact one of the Springfest Core Team organizers for further information: