EEB III is committed to incorporating sustainability into its core educational activities.  The School  has over the years implemented a number of initiatives related to sustainability and the environment.
The management established a Sustainability Working Group.

The aim of this working group is to propose a 3-year plan to the school management.  The general objectives are to promote and coordinate the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives across all areas of the school.


The terms of reference for this working group is:

  1. To identity and list all initiatives related to sustainability that have been implemented or are being implemented by the school.
  2. Review these initiatives and make recommendations to the management about their development.
  3. Make recommendations to the EEB III management to the further development of sustainability-related initiatives, projects, policies and strategies.
  4. Recommendations should be doable and presented in a 3-year framework.
  5. The recommendations put forward should be presented with an estimated budget.


Composition of Working Group

  • The Director
  • 2 representatives of teaching staff (1 from N/P and 1 from Secondary)
  • 2 representatives of students
  • 2 representatives of the parents’ association
  • TheSecurity and Safety Officer
  • The Senior Technical Officer




As a Green and Clean school, we wanted our involvement towards becoming a greener school environment, our future actions and the ones we have already put in place to be aknowledged.

This is why we have started a labelling process to obtain an Eco-Schools Label.

Our school was awarded the label in October 2023 for a period of at least two years.

It rewards the efforts of the whole school community in a project related to our environment and sustainable development.