Physical education

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Pedagogical approach

Physical Education as an integral part of the total development of the individual is a main aspect of entire education. The course’s pedagogical value is more significant than just the development of physical and motor skills. Physical Education positively influences lifestyle and encourage cultural interaction, as it engages the pupils’ participation at different levels: emotional, relational and personal. The main task of Physical Education is to promote the potential for development through exercise, play, performance and health, in a secure, structured and work-friendly environment.

The Physical Education course (compulsory) is taught 3 periods / week from S1 to S3, and 2 periods / week from S4 to S7. Classes are composed of students from different language sections.


Sport events

In addition to the Physical Education taught at EEB3, the PE department also organize several sports tournaments, sports days and a race around the school called Cross.



Eurosport is a huge event involving all the European schools and is organized every 2 years. The next tournament in March 2019 will be hosted by Varese, Italy. Every school will have a team of 30 students representing their school. Last year Brussels III came in second!


Mini eurosport

Mini Eurosport is a small tournament held in Brussels for the 4 European  schools and  is only for S1-S3 students. This is a first preparation / selection for the Eurosport tournament. Brussels III is the organizer of this event.



Every October, each year group runs a 2 or 3 lap race around the school called Cross. There are individual and team medals to be won. This event takes place during the lunchbreak. Participants and spectators are always many during the different race days.


Sports day

In June, the department organizes a sports day for S1 at LLN university sports campus and S2 attend an outdoor adventure park in Wavre. One full day of new sports!