If a pupil is unable to attend school for medical reasons, his parents/legal representative has to inform the educational adviser in charge of his/her grade.
For absences of more than 2 days, the pupil will have to hand in a medical certificate to his/her educational adviser ASAP.

Any pupil feeling unwell and wishing to go home should first visit the school’s infirmary, where the nurses will check his/her health condition and, if necessary, grant him/her a permission to leave the school with parental approval. The nurses will give the pupil a written permission which he or she will subsequently bring to his/her educational adviser in charge before leaving the school.

Pupils who wish to be exempted from the physical education class have to hand in to the educational advisor:

  • For one lesson, a written statement signed by the parents.
  • A medical certificate for a long – term exemption.


Please note that, except in cases of force majeure, permission may not be granted for the week preceding or the week following school holiday periods or public holidays (General Rules of the European Schools).