Language certifications

As in the past years, our school will be offering language certifications in English, French and German.

You have been learning French/English/German as your L2/L3 for quite a few years now. Maybe you are thinking of going abroad at some point to practice your language further, to study or to get some work experience (au-pair, internship).

Many of these positions that you are interested in will require some proof of your language level. The problem is: your school bulletin at the end of the year gives you a grade that is not internationally recognised.

Therefore, like last school year, we would like to offer you a standardised, internationally recognised certificate.

What language certificates do we offer?

We offer certificates on the following levels:

  • German: B2
  • French: B2
  • English B2 and C1

The exams will be handled by the Goethe-Institut (German, Goethe-Zertifikat), the Alliance Française (French, DELF) and Zwiers Language Training (English, Cambridge Certificate).


Cambridge Certificate- Registration process