Transition from primary to secondary
The transition from primary to secondary school is a fundamental step in every student’s life.  This marks the beginning of a path that will lead them, after seven years of study, to the European Baccalaureate and later to their integration as a citizen into society.

The European Schools’ system attributes a great importance to this transition stage that engages the students, the teaching body, the coordinators, the educational advisers, the administrative staff, and specialists … All contribute in making this move towards a new stage of a student’s educational life a delicate and pleasant moment.

In practical terms

  • Joint projects with students from the first year of secondary (S1) are organised during the last year of primary school.
  • In February / March, parents receive information about the transition stage and planned activities, as well as the list of books needed in S1 by e-mail. A message from the Deputy Director of secondary is sent to them at the beginning of June.
  • The teaching staff (teachers, pedagogical coordinator, school psychologists, and Deputy Director for primary) in consultation with the school administration ensure that student files are studied with care in order to create classes ready for the first day of school in September and then transferred.
  • At the beginning of June, an information session will take place during which students will meet their coordinator and educational advisor. Also during the month of June, each P5 becomes an S1 for one lesson, taught by a secondary school teacher from their language section. These teachers explain the rules and instructions of the secondary school
  • Towards the end of June, five S1 students from the same language section come to visit each P5 to discuss their experiences during the transition and answer questions. An orientation game will be organised, where the children learn to find their way in secondary school (which could be a maze at first) and recognise the key places.