Pedagogical principles

In line with the principles of the European framework for key competences for lifelong learning, ICT courses in the European schools education system seek to achieve two main goals:

  • to provide the pupils with the basic knowledge and fundamental ICT skills
  • to empower them to become independent and autonomous learners


More specifically, pupils will learn:

  • to use the information and communication technologies as tools to research, select, process and distribute information;
  • to critically differentiate the varying quality and sources of information. They will learn to use information in a respectful way, quote and refer to sources;
  • to understand the fundamental functionality of hard – and software;
  • to develop skills in how to continue to learn and how to apply themselves with new tools in ICT for solving problems in general;


A very important issue of ICT courses is to provide the training students the opportunity to use new technologies in the daily school life.


Educational program

ICT is taught through vehicular languages or language of the host country.

ICT is a 1 period a week compulsory course in years 1 and 2.

In year 3, ICT becomes a 2 period optional course.

In year 4, 5, 6 and 7 ICT becomes a 2 period complementary course.