After-school childcare (OIB)

The European Commission organizes a fee-based after-school childcare for European Union staff members’ children (from 4 to 12 years old). The emphasis is on relaxation, pleasure, play, contact and well-being. The guiding thread is the notion of importance of free time.

For more information, including the form for the time of pick-up,  please go to:



For any general information request, please send an e-mail to:  OIB-GARDERIES-SECRETARIAT@ec.europa.eu

For any questions related to enrolment, please send an e-mail to: OIB-INSCRIPTIONS-GARDERIES-POSTSCOLAIRES@ec.europa.eu

Parents can also contact the AdP (Association des Parents – Crèches et Garderies), who represents parents whose children attend the after-school childcare and/or the outdoor childcare centres of the European Commission as well as those who are on the waiting list. Contact: EU-ADP-CRECHES-GARDERIES@ec.europa.eu. More information: www.yammer.com/adp-creche-garderie.