School book sales

Secondary Second Hand School Book Sales – EN, F, NL, D – school year 2018/2019


Dear parents,

A group of voluntary parents organizes again this year a second-hand school books sale.

The lists of books to purchase for the next school year are already on the page Book Lists  2018-2019


The next Books Sale will be held:

on Wednesday 5 September from 08.00 to 13.00 and on Wednesday 12 September, from 8.00 till 12.00

in the Administration Building  – 1st floor – Canteen


Important information

For security purposes, parents who want to come to the book sales are requested to register via this link  https://goo.gl/forms/gT38EB6PyOgATbNB3

Network firewall in EU offices block this form.

Do your registration from your personal computer.

This registration gives you only access to the school, NOT to the school car park.

In order to inform the school's security office in a timely manner, registration will close at 10 pm the day before the book sale.



Section FR Marie-Paule Bonnet  mariepaule.bonnet@gmail.com
Section NL Terese van Oel  tvanoel@gmail.com
Section DE Sylvie Wiest sylvie-bxl@hotmail.com
Section EN Vee-Huan Khong v.h.khong@gmail.com
Donatella Mauri donatellamauri@gmail.com
Finances Martine Steenhouwer  martine-steenhouwer@skynet.be




  • To sell books, students are asked to
  1. bring in only books that are on the school official booklist for 2018 -2019
  2. bring in books that are in sellable condition,
  3. insert in each book a completed « bookslip ».  Remember to provide your bank account details/IBAN
  • The Book sale can only guarantee an efficient service if pupils bring their books to the Book sale on time and properly labelled.
  • Book sale regrets to refuse any refund or exchange after the book has been sold.  This is due to administrative inconvenience.
  • Unsold books can be retrieved from the book sale on the last round of Book sale, i.e., on 12.9.2018.  If not, these books will be stored for future book sale events in the following years.
  • All transactions are done in cash (NO bancontact)


Important documents


Kind regards

Second hand book sales comittee