The European Baccalaureate

The European Baccalaureate

The European Baccalaureate certifies the completion of secondary studies at the European School or of European schooling provided by a school accredited by the Board of Governors. This diploma is officially recognised as an entry qualification for higher education in all the countries of the European Union.

European Baccalaureate diploma holders enjoy the same rights and benefits as other holders of secondary school-leaving certificates in their countries, including the same right as nationals with equivalent qualifications to seek admission to any university or institution of tertiary education in the European Union.


The Baccalaureate’s examinations cover subjects taught in the 6th and 7th year of secondary education.

In order to be allowed to sit the European Baccalaurete examinations, continuous attendance of classes in years 6 and 7 is a requirement, sine qua non.

The final mark is expressed on a basis of 100 and includes:


  • The preliminary mark (50% of the points) which results from two elements:
  1. School marks (A marks) that evaluate the performance of the candidates at school.

2. The partial examinations marks (B marks) which result from the written and oral long examinations.

  • The mark resulting from the final written examinations of the European Baccalaureate (35% of the marks). Each candidate has to pass at 5 written examinations.
  • The mark from the final oral examinations (15% of the marks). Each candidate will have to pass 3 oral examinations.


In particular cases, final year students at the European Schools may enroll for a supplementary examination of the Baccalaureate for an optional subject, whether they took the class concerning the subject in question at the school or not. Admittance to this additional Baccalaureate examination may be authorized only if documentation is provided to show that an examination in this subject is part of the conditions for admission to a higher education course which the student wishes to embark. The final mark obtained after this supplementary examination will not be included in the final result, but will be stated separately on a certificate confirming the written supplementary examination

The overall pass mark for the European Baccalaureate is 5 out 10 (50 out of 100).


For more information, please see https://www.eursc.eu/fr/European-Schools/European-Baccalaureate